Printables: so much more fun than TV!

Now that Tasha a.k.a. Happy Eco Toddler is getting a bit older, I’ve introduced her to the exciting world of printables!

I seriously do not know how our generation survived without printables (😢) but I can tell you that she’s got much more entertainment out of them than any of the toys I’ve ever bought. With so many printables out there, there’s always something new to keep her entertained and learning new things, without breaking the bank or filling the landfills!

Here’s some that we’ve particularly enjoyed (my inner child included) which are bound to give your own favourite little people hours of fun… or at least long enough to make dinner without someone attaching themselves to your pants-leg, screaming and refusing to let go. All-round win!

vet-play-sheet-momdot.jpg Pretend Play Printable – Vet

As an ardent fan of the wonderful Doc McStuffins, Tasha is very excited about doctors at the moment – she’s been walking around for days with a toy stethoscope around her neck and giving everyone she meets check-ups. This vet printable went down a treat, and we’d also like to thank our kitty-cat for being so obliging.


Activity Village: Farm Animals – Big and Small Sorting Pairs

I was really surprised to find that Tasha figured out how to play this game straightaway! It’s simple and great practice for a useful skill. You could also find more big and small things to print out to put on the sorting mats.


Oh Happy Day: Happy Summer Printables

It’s getting nice and summery here in Perth, and that means lots of watermelon for mummy and Tasha, and lots of ice-cream for mummy when Tasha isn’t looking. I cut these out for Tasha, got out a glue stick and some colourful wrapping paper, and taught her how to glue the printables to the paper. End product was a gorgeous addition to our fridge art (and some very sticky toddler fingers).


Picture Village: Food Pet Seal

(Note: It’s from a Japanese website – the term “food pet seal” makes a lot more sense in Japanese – the foods are the pets, and seal = sticker… don’t worry, nobody is actually making food of a pet seal. Anyway, I digress!)

As you’d expect from the land of all the kawaii things, this printable is a totally adorable way to practice your little one’s food-related vocabulary, introduce them to a few foods they might not have seen before, and hopefully encourage them to eat that broccoli now that they’ve seen what a happy li’l veggie he is.


Free Paper Dolls: Cuddly Baby (1969)

I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl, and so did my mum, and my bobbe (grandmother) and probably so on for many generations; they’re estimated to perhaps even be a thousand years old, a time when toys were expensive and scarce. The Free Paper Dolls website has an excellent collection of vintage paper doll books to download, for adorable illustrations and a charming dose of old-timey nostalgia.

I hope you and your family enjoy these printables as much as we have, and that they give you plenty of ideas for more papercrafting fun! The kids won’t remember what they watched on TV today, but they’ll remember crafting with mummy and daddy when they’re printing out paper dolls for their own kids one day 

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