Things I love: Earth’s Hidden Treasures

Disclosure: I received these product samples for free, but no financial compensation. I only review products that I love and want to share with my readers and my friends.

I met the lovely Justine from Earth’s Hidden Treasures while I was in line at a printing shop, and we struck up a conversation about her adorable little baby, Amarri, who was sleeping in her baby sling. She’s a midwife at the hospital that I had Natasha at, and she’d handmade some all-natural baby products for Amarri and some friends; people started asking her for more, and so the idea of Earth’s Hidden Treasures grew: handmade baby and body products using essential oils and natural ingredients. Since I love natural baby products, and supporting mumpreneurs is really important to me, I asked if I could review something for my blog. So she dropped me off the Lavender Infused Baby Little Cream and Lavender Foam Body Wash. We’ve been using them for a week, and me and Tasha both love them!

Little Bottom Cream


The first thing I noticed about the little bottom cream (besides its adorable name!) was that the texture is so much lighter and fluffier than other barrier creams I’ve used.

Also, the round container makes it easier to apply – I’ve used another brand that came in a tube, and you have to squeeze really hard to get anything out and then a ton comes out at once, so I was glad for that.

Since it’s in a container and not a tube, I can also re-use the container when I’m done (yay, sustainability!)

I looked over the ingredients – shea butter, lavender, zinc oxide, etc. and I thought to myself “hmmm, these sound familiar” – I’ve seen them in lots of skincare products, but usually with a whole bunch of letters and numbers that I haven’t heard of. The natural scent of lavender is lovely, too.

As well as going down a treat on the little bottom for which it was intended, it’s also been great for the dry areas on my face – which isn’t what it’s for, but like I said, the ingredients are popular in skin care! After a week of use, it definitely feels softer and smoother (which is more than I can say for many of the commercial moisturizers that I’ve tried.)

Foaming Baby Wash

Earth's Hidden Treasures - Lavender Foaming Baby Wash

Tasha loved this! I don’t usually let her have bubble baths because of the warning about UTIs, and the baby wash we usually use isn’t foamy, so she’s been having lots of fun playing with the foam. It also made the bath smell great, and since lavender is known for its relaxing and sleep-inducing properties, it’s really been helping both of us unwind after all those hard days of playing chasies.

Justine is based in Perth, but ships her products Australia-wide. You can find Earth’s Hidden Treasures on Facebook or at

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